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May 13, 2009
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Three Deaths by emla Three Deaths by emla
watercolor and gouache, 5x7"

This thing is smaller than it should have been. It's about the size of a postcard... so a lot of the paint was later applied with a liner brush. D:

Further experiments with mixing watercolor and gouache! I've set aside my gouache paints except for a large tube of designer's white, which I mix with my regular watercolors to make colored gouache. The result is a separate pallet of gouache colors that properly matches my watercolor set.

Line art for anyone curious: [link]
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vasodelirium Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
emla Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
SethFitts Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Featured here [link]
emla Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
nine9nine9 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
So nice -- thanks for sharing with the Ugly Mugs group!
Featured [link] and [link]
emla Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
profoundlyscrewedup Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009
they are pretty cute and adorable for skeletons. I like them....
emla Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! I love skeletons and I don't find them scary, so I'm glad that's coming across. :)
elrehAan Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Two months and I've finally got around to commenting on this!

The detail you've managed to work into this piece is amazing, especially given the size. I really, really love this picture. The colours are amazing - I love the depth you've given to the wheat, it really feels like they're standing right in the middle of a big field of it. (Which obviously they are. I mean, y'know, I can FEEL the depth. D: ) It also has a sort of dusky, misty feel which adds to the "spooky" atmosphere, but I can't get over how happy those guys make me feel. It's just those big grins. They don't look too upset about being dead. And I really dig those little dog tag type things on the top guy's staff. Gorgeous work!
beelzebuddha Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
LOVE this. Fantastic layering and texture build-up.
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